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Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro (Discontinued) - Flexible external audio editor support for Logic Pro.

Audio File Toolbox v1.2

Download (v2.1) - Audio File Price - Discontinued 

OS Support - macOS 10.8 + | CPU Support - 32/64bit Intel

FAQ and Help  Changelog

*This App is discontinued, developing it required hardcoded links to apps. Which made it difficult to maintain as external applications were updated. I may completely re-write it in a more dynamic way some day but im not sure when I will have time. As of writing I dont think the app can detect many external applications any more since they have been updated but your want to give it a shot please use the serial number 38982432*

Use Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro to add flexible audio file editing to Logic Pro. Pass your audio files from Logic Pro to your audio file editor of choice, edit, save, and pick up where you left off .


Auto detects installed editing apps with zero configuration.

Can pass on any format of audio file if the external editor supports it.

Supported DAW’s

Logic Pro

Logic Pro X

Supported External Audio Editors

Adobe Audition

Amadeus Pro

Twisted Wave

Soundtrack Pro

Sound Studio

Supported External Audio Repair Applications

iZotope RX

Supported External MetaData Editors


Supported External Pitch Manipulation Applications

Melodyne Single Track

Other Supported External Applications (Export Only)

Audio Finder