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DAW AutoSave Beta

**Changes from this beta have now been added to the main release.**

What started as a small update to AutoSave for Logic and Soundtrack Pro has turned into a compleate a complete re-write.… now called DAW AutoSave. It adds support for Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Adobe Audition and possibly more in the future.

Currently the beta only runs on 64bit Macs. But since this app will manly be of interest to people running older version of DAW software I would like to get it running on 32bit ones as well. Im aiming for the app to work as far back as macOS 10.6.

The app is still under development but it is close to compleation. Please give it a downlaod and let me know how you get on.


Beta 1 - 6th January 2019

-Updated Website links

-Improved Auto-Update System

Beta 2 - 8th January 2019

Moved all preferences to menu bar and removed old preference window,

Rewrote a large amount of the code.

Added Support for Logic Pro X. (Logic Pro X has auto-save built in, but I enabled this for testing purposes and have decided to leave it on incase anyone finds a use for it.)

Beta 3 - 11th January 2019

Renamed App to DAW AutoSave.

Added support for Pro Tools.

New system for checking Apple Event/Scripting permission across all version of macOS

Code changes to improve performance.

Beta 4

Fixed Bug in auto updater which could prevent updates on older Systems.

Added support for GarageBand

Added support for MacOS 10.6 (64bit only for now)

Beta 5

Added Support for Pro Tools First and Adobe Audition

Bug Fixes

Re-designed Menu Bar Icon for high resolution displays and clearer status indication.

Switched the Menu Bar Icon Status Colours to Green (Save Sent), Amber (Waiting) and Red (Paused).

Beta 6 - January 16th 2019

Added black and white menu bar icon option.