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Loads of Folders Mojave Beta

    **Changes from this beta have now been added to the main release.**

    After testing Loads of Folders with the macOS Mojave 10.14 beta I descovered that previous versions will not run untill I add support for the new permission notifications, this is due to the app controlling The Finder to create folders.

    This beta allows the app to run correctly on Mojave and adds support for dark mode.

    Please use this if you are running the Mojave beta for the moment. You will recevie an update notifcation when the final version is released.

    If you are running a previous version of macOS and would like to help test for bugs that would also be appriciated but is not neccasery.

    If you encounter any bugs please send me a bug report.


    Beta 1

    -Built App with 10.14 SDK to enable Dark Mode and Permissions.

    Beta 2

    -Fine tuned Dark Mode Appearance

    Beta 3

    -Enabled Hardened Runtime

    -Added “Send Bug Report” Button when relauncing after a crash.