Loads of Folders

Why did you make this?

When I am recording sound on Location, I like to keep all the audio files organised so the editors will have an easy time of syncing them up. Usually I would organise the files by Slate or Scene numbers.
This ment I was regularly creating hundreds of sequentialy numbered folders by hand. So I made this app to help!

Do you offer a Demo version?

When unregistered the App is limited to 15 folders.

How do I pay?

I currently accept PayPal payments, BitCoin and LiteCoin.
Through PayPal the app has a set price, however if you pay with BitCoin or LiteCon you can choose whatever price you feel it is worth.

How will I recive updates?

The app will notify you of new updates when they are available. All updates are free.

I lost my Serial Number, how can I get a new one

Please see this page.

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