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Loads of Folders Classic - Simple batch folder creation for vintage Macs

Download (v1.0) - Loads of Folders Classic.sit Price - Free with Optional Donation 

OS Support - macOS 7.1 - 9.22 | CPU Support - 68K / PPC

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My first computer was a Macintosh Performa 460 running System 7.5. This is where my love all things geeky and technical began. Loads of Folders Classic is a experiment to recreate my macOS app on the Classic Mac OS. Since the Loads of Folders is mostly written in AppleScript, which dates back to the Classic Mac OS. I figured it would be fun to try and port it to the older Operating Systems.

The aim is to recreate as many of the Apps features in the classic enviroment. Currently it has a extremely simplified interface but if I can figure out how to make more complex interfaces in the Classic Mac OS I will give it a shot!

Im currently writing it using Late Night Software’s Classic version of Script Debugger inside the SheepShaver Emulator running Mac OS 9.

Im going to be very surprised if anyone actually uses this! So please send me an email if you do.


Batch creation any amount of sequentialy numbered folders.

Use standard numbering (1 - 142) leading zeros (001 - 142) or padded zeros (0001 - 0142) to fit your organisational system.

Loads of Folders Running on System 7.5.3 and Mac OS 9.04 in emulators in macOS 10.14