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iPod Touch Server

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(Old Page, I now use a Raspbery Pi to run my website in a simmilar fashion.)

This website and all my other sites are running from an iPod Touch connected to my home internet connection.

Advantages of this include

- Savings on the cost of hosting

- Ridiculously green, runs 24/7 from the power of a single USB port.

- Flexibility of a home web server in a small package.

- Geek Points!


Any iOS Device - I picked up a First generation iPod Touch with a broken headphone port from eBay.

A Wifi Router - Should work with most WiFI routers but I haven't tested it. I use an Apple Time Capsule I got from eBay and brought back to life. A Router with a USB port is preferred to keep the iPod powered up but you could use a wall charger also.

Software Required

Jailbroken iOS 3 +

Cydia - To Install apps.

Lighttp app - The web Server

Insomnia app - To keep the Wifi turned on at all times.