Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro

Audio File Toolbox v1.2


Price £2.50 (with demo mode)

Requires Mac OSX 10.8+

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FAQ and Help

Use Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro to add flexible audio file editing to Logic Pro. Pass your audio files from Logic Pro to your audio file editor of choice, edit, save, and pick up where you left off .


Auto detects installed editing apps with zero configuration.

Can pass on any format of audio file if the external editor supports it.

Supported DAW’s

Logic Pro

Logic Pro X

Supported External Audio Editors

Adobe Audition

Amadeus Pro

Twisted Wave

Soundtrack Pro

Sound Studio

Supported External Audio Repair Applications

iZotope RX

Supported External MetaData Editors


Request Your Favorite Audio Editor to be Added



Updated to support new verison of Adobe Audition.

Added Metadata editors tab.

Added Metadatics to list of metadata editors.


Added Adobe Audition to choice of editors. (Untested on older version of Adobe Audion, please email to report issues.)

Fixed bug that would cause Logic Pro or Logic Pro X to refresh the audio file before an edit was made.


Compatability with OSX 10.10 Yosemite.


Name Changed to “Audio File Toolbox for Logic Pro”

New User Interface

Improved Key command support.


Added Amadeus Pro to choice of Editors.

Added option to backup audio file.

Added option to show the audio file in the Finder.

Buttons are now inactive when no audio file has been sent to the app.



Fixed bug that could cause the app to freeze when update server was down.

Added “Refresh Region in Logic Pro” button to force logic to reread the selecected audio file into the region.


Added path bar to show audio file currently in use.

Enabled drag and drop support to the App Icon.

Fixed Frequent Issue with update server.


Added Editor Icons to the User Interface.

Added keyboard shortcuts for quicker app opening.


Added buttons to direct users to the websites of the Editors.

Added Sound Studio to choice of Editors.

Buttons Now listed in Alphabetical order.

Removed Audacity as it does not save files in they’re original format.


Inital Public Beta