AutoSave for Logic and Soudtrack Pro

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Price £3.50

Mac OSX 10.7 + Required

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Ever forgotten to hit save while working in Logic or Soundtrack Pro, only for the app to crash a minute later? AutoSave for Logic and Soundtrack Pro can help. 

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The App runs in the menu bar and when Logic or Soundtrack are the frontmost app it will issue save commands at user defined intervals.


Next to no CPU and Memory usage.

Works with Logic Pro's existing "Project File Backup" System.

Notification center alerts.

Option to pause save commands.

Customer Responces

"Thanks David! For your software and idea. I've dreamed about it!" - Tomasz Kalwak

"Thank you for having written such a useful program!" - Jimmy Moss

"Every time I see the Save Command Sent I say a silent "thank you." - Rick Johnson

"@PeacheyMcKeitch your a god damned life saver.... never again will I hate myself for getting into the zone..." - @ManOfTheDown

"Thank you for such a wonderful little program!!" - Oliver Nani

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