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The Ambient Tone Pack started as a project for myself, to replace as many sounds on iOS as I could with sounds of my own creation.

It grew into a collection of tones and alarms for your Mac OSX or iOS device. Each sound has a stroy and is tailored to match the task at hand.

Ring 1

This is a recording of a Tibettan peace bowl being played by one of my previous clients. It produces a stunning etherial sound, this ringtone was made by layering the ringing out of the bowl with early recordings of it being struck.


This is a raw recording of the Tibettan prayer bowl being struck.

Sent Email

This sound was made by pressing a microphone against a metal bar and htting it! Located in the former grounds of the Woddilee mental hospital, its reverberation last for serveral seconds. I reversed this sound to create the sudden stop heard, with some additional panning for a nicer sound while wearing headphones.

New Email

Initially based on the same sound as the sent email tone, but ended with me using mostly elements from the reverb tail at the end of it. Gentle, simmilar to the defult sound by Apple.

New Voicemail

For this one I took the morse code for the word "Voice,” fed the morse code into a synth, and refined.

Alarm Light Sleep

Designed to slowly lift you from your sleep, elements include wind blowing through trees and a synthesised motion sequence. As the alarm progresses a traditional alarm tone slowly cuts through the mix.

Alarm Medium Sleep

Like the standard alarm, but without the motion sequence element, and the alarm tone extended.

Alarm Heavy Sleep

A version of the alarm sound for heavy sleepers, as it gets right to the point!

Timer Done

A small bell recorded on the set of a indipendant Scottish film, using delay and reverb effets, its transformed into a concofany of nosie suitible for such tasks as alerting you when your dinner is ready!

Reminder and Calander Alerts

A synthesised sound, intended to be reminisant of a lightbulb going on above a cartoon characters head…


A traditional typewriter sound I recorder for the feature film "Eat. Sleep. Repeate." with a reverse reverb effect added to imply your message being whisked away!


Purely synthesised, I like to think of this as robot birds tweeting to each other….but maby thats just me.

Extra 1 and 2

Two minimlist synthesised sounds.