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"Cinematographer Alan C. McLaughlin, sound designer David McKeitch and Grant Mason FX should take a bow for a truly shocking piece of art.” - Review of “Ink” at “Horror Cult Films"


"In terms of sound, composer Andrew Gordon Yule and soundman David McKeitch reprise their roles from Dysmorphia to great effect. Yule’s score is powerful and atmospheric whilst McKeitch’s sound design is again excellent. Crucially he manages to retain an element of subtlety to his work whilst accompanying the more grotesque proceedings with appropriate gusto. Meanwhile, the cinematography courtesy of Mark Boggis is suitably claustrophobic yet varied enough in composition to keep the principal location fresh.” - Review of “Split” at “Viewer Discretion Advised"


The real star of the show for me though is the outstanding sound design from David Mckeitch. A triumph from start to finish, it’s a master class in the creation of unease. - Review of “Dysmorphia” at “Viewer Discretion Adviced"


Won Best Sound Design at Creation International Fesitvle 2016 - “Miriam"

Nomination for Best Sound at Macabre Faire Film Festival, Long Island. - "Dysmorphia"


Josie Long - Writer, Before the Crisis
"Thanks for being such a stoic Bucky-loving legend."

R. Paul Wilson - Director, Conmen

"David is amongst the most reliable and conscientious crew members I've had the pleasure to work with. The quality of his audio is of the highest standard and was quickly recognized as excellent when transferred to our post production team. In addition to his passionate and professional approach, David is also a pleasure to work with and I enthusiastically recommend him to any production looking for a world-class sound engineer.”

Andy Stewart - Director, Dysmorphia

(Extract from an Interveiw)

With the sound design, we got very lucky. David McKeitch's involvement came around at a time of desperation and it couldn't really have worked out any better. We had been working with another sound designer, who had relocated to Barcelona, which wasn't ideal.

Time was dragging on so, we parted company with him and David came in on a recommendation and he did an amazing job. He turned round the whole sound of the film in a little under a fortnight. We didn't record any sound on the shoot so every single thing you hear, was built by David. He's very talented and is now working on Banquet, and I hope to continue this working relationship with him.

He pulled out all the stops on the sound to make everything as visceral as possible and it is his sound, in those moments where we only see blood, or Gordon's pain-stricken face, that let us know exactly what is going on off-camera. It is those sounds, I think, that have brought about many of the fainting incidents.

Ewan MacFarlane - Producer, Koru Fund Documentary

(Extract from a fund raising Document)

"David McKeitch studied sound engineering at James Watt College in Greenock where he took advantage of a newly renovated £1 million sound department and honed his skills to be the only sound engineer I thought of when putting together a team to take on this project."

Sajid-ulla Muslim - Director/Writer, Redemption

"I have known, and worked with Dave for the past two years on my feature 'Redemption'. The fact that he is still involved is a testament to his dedication to the craft, and his faith in every project he works on. He is very versatile (he does Voice-overs for games too), flexible, and most importantly, is always willing to experiment - something that is invaluable in the indie business.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone that would need his services."

Paul Darroch - Oak Tree Productions

"To date, I have had the pleasure of working with Sound Engineer David McKeitch on both a feature film, and three short films. I can honestly say he is one of the most talented, dependable and approachable film practitioners I have ever met. He is always well organised, and ready to offer advice and suggestions when asked. If you have David on your team, you can be assured of a safe pair of hands; and ears…"

Adriana Polito - Stay Curious Productions

"If its not McKeitch, its not Peachey..."

Rhyan Hendrick - Magic Works Entertainment

"This is a reference for Sound Technician David McKeitch, whom to this date I have worked with on two projects since 2007. Firstly Minds of Glass and independent feature that I directed and secondly a short film more recently Choices. David is a keen and very talented individual who has rapidly developed his skills in his profession in the 8 months that I have known him and am very interested in continuing working with him on future projects.

I very much recommend him to who ever maybe in need of the services of a Sound technician whether it be in on set recording, studio recording or post production."

Alan McLean - Edge of the World Productions

"Not only is David McKeitch the best location sound recordist I've ever seen but he's also one of the nicest guys on the planet."

Pete Harper

"His tea is first class."

Luke Joseph Aherne - Writer/Director on "Frank"

"Before I met Dave, I had heard a good many compliments on the standard of his work . Now we have worked together, I cannot overstate the tremendous peace of mind that I have knowing that the sound for my project is in such good hands. There is little point of us producing a beautiful looking film for it to be completely undermined by poor sound.

What I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have am another one of those who are more than happy to compliment and recommend him without any pause or hesitation."

Joe McArdle - McArdle Meida

"David is a true professional. No worries. Perfect sound every time."

Tommas McCue - Big Shadow Prodcutions

"David is a great on location sound man and sound designer. Quite funny at times also, just what you need when you're stressed on set!